Leaving – home, city and responsibilities,
For the singular job of travel
The company of anonymity and strangers,
Retreating into a bubble of ones own invention:
linear, predefined, insular and temporary.More


I’m tired

Your apologies don’t work any more
My tolerance for the bullshit has expired
The lack of care has begat a lack of careMore

Snow in Vegas

There is snow in Vegas

Like the star that burns twice as bright
It will be gone by tomorrow.More


We promised you nothing
We owe you nothing
Just to be better than you
To be responsible and true…
…To ourselvesMore

Tabula Rasa

Unrequited and unrequired
A quest for tabula rasa
Gin with no tonic or excuse

A shot taken, and missed.
Possibilities gone, but not forgotten
Grasping at the straws of a burning bale More

The Day Dogs Started to Talk

Deciding they’d had enough
The dogs decided to talk.

Dogs who had an opinion on everything
But mostly about how they were treated and their owners.

The shelters filled up – this was not what the casual dog owner had signed up for.
The accessory that matches the cushions on the couch
That profligacies on the right to roam and the right to vote More

The Pause


Disappeared in to the endless summer

Leaving only damage and doubt
Licking of wounds and a goal of “moving on.”

Pretending everything was just fine.More


Another milestone, another mil-stone.
Not for celebrating, but for uncomfortable silences
Method, repeating to madness
Time served, time burnedMore

Looking at the Moon

…I wish I could write a love poem.
Like the moon wishes it could live on earth
A voyeur of heartache, tragedy, love, and distance…More


…Sour in mind, body, spirit, and soul
The supplication of priests and prophets
Well intended, misguided, and futile…More


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