Polite Dismissive Neutral

Not wanting the black hat
From a pit of the worst instincts
A stripping away of civility
Rage from the dark
Intoxication from bile and venom…More

The In-Between

…The secret heart of every poet
The quest for the great American poem
Cliché and rhyme
Of status and decline…More

Farm Americana

A demographic vision of plans within plans
We of Farm Americana
Those who reject history and all that
Although we have learned subtlety…More

A Return

An uphill struggle on uneven ground
Familiar, but out of reach recollection
Ideas that have no place or soil
To be strange in a stranger land…More

Summer Rain

…The whisper on the lips of desert dwellers
A sky blue black bruised like a threat in a bar
The side street flooding showing how few blocked drains we are from disaster…More


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