Hotel Bar Exurbia

Soulless, clinical brightness The character of a nightclub past time Accents a parody of diversity These are nobodies people And nobody wants to be there if they had a choice


Signal Cudgel Q.I. vegans The dancing and laughing to show tunes…

Outed as a Poet

The social awkwardness of a dying art Divergence into the purely creative Refuge from grind, mind, and bind…


It’s Valentine’s Day And Ohio is burning It’s water poisoned Pets and livestock dead Locals and first responders left wondering who will play them on HBO


When wishes are granted Past and present weigh in on the future Strings linger and drag The resistance of those left behind

Out of Time

Gutted like a fish by the future Faces from the always past Hard and between Lives of labor and class Classless and adrift

You Left by Saying Goodbye

…And then you left by saying goodbye Unexpected and yet convenient Acquiescence to convention Secrets to never become secretive…

Head on Feet

Lying in the detritus of the destruction of a once soft and stylish couch


I am the supervillain I want change, to alter the world The one with vision and goals The one who knows more, and perhaps cares less…


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