The End of Days

…Never underestimate the privilege of a proper goodbye
The end of days
No blame other than guilt and self doubt
A hole in my life
Where your whole life was…More

A Friend of a Fiend

Stranger by the day
A stranger by deed and thought
When did you disappear down the rabbit hole?
Begging and taunting, for me to come after you
Only to spring a trap of mind and soul
This is no longer Kansas…More

An Unnamed Airport

…You have the worst layout
An experiment in alternative design
And brutalist architecture
Futurist ideas aged before their time…More


…Gaslight replaces moonlight
And rhyme replaces reason
When there is no aptitude for altitude
Wax releases feathers…More


Leaving – home, city and responsibilities,
For the singular job of travel
The company of anonymity and strangers,
Retreating into a bubble of ones own invention:
linear, predefined, insular and temporary.More


I’m tired

Your apologies don’t work any more
My tolerance for the bullshit has expired
The lack of care has begat a lack of careMore

Snow in Vegas

There is snow in Vegas

Like the star that burns twice as bright
It will be gone by tomorrow.More


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