Looking at the Moon

…I wish I could write a love poem.
Like the moon wishes it could live on earth
A voyeur of heartache, tragedy, love, and distance…More


…Sour in mind, body, spirit, and soul
The supplication of priests and prophets
Well intended, misguided, and futile…More

Remembered Collapse

In the prelude to collapse
We fetishized our destruction with North Korean paratroop drops,
alien invasion,
and Mayan prophecy
Islam, sharia, and weapons of mass deception.More

Bad Sex

Compatibility is more than your taste in jazz
Wavelength of intimacy
Frequency of past comparisons

A stranger in bed, destined to remain so
Souvenirs to be purged and forgotten about
Flotsam to jettison

For The Love of Dog

I’m home.
Four legs, a tail, and a nose
A ball of Emotion in fur
Just asking to be fed
And a place on the bed
My daily little betrayals – forgiven as always More

Between the Lines

The words are few and far
Dance our dance
Not communicating to talk to one another
Over analyzing a like, a love, a careMore

Dead Computers

The hopes and dreams of fantasy realms
Full of un-potential
Snake skin remnants of working lives
Now just sharp edges and dirtMore


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