The Offering

I carry my burden
My belief for those who came before
Those who give freedom through bondage
I come to sacrifice…More

A Man of the People

…I am but petty and vindictive
loyalty and foresight are golden idolatry
Don’t ask for blessings that stink of comprise and cowardice
Measure what matters even when eyes are closed…More

Finding What Touches Your Soul

What makes the difference between one day and the next?
There is more to life than work, even when there’s not
What can you be passionate about without being all consuming?
Finding what touches your soul…More

A Fit of Pique

On lockdown orders we crawled into our houses
With our stacks of toilet paper and hand sanitizer
Our streaming TV and TikTok…More

Agents of White Supremacy

The Agents of white supremacy
Not always the idiots with bedsheets over their heads
and holes for eyes
Not always the ones with swastikas on their arms
And tiki torches in their hands…More


Dawn. And the view of those up too early
Black highways and the sodium halide cellophane of suburbia
An unreal unveiling of what is to come
No shepherds to see superstitious warnings
Only traffic lights to direct flocksMore


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