Gun Addiction

I don’t like guns.

I’ve fired a number of them, found it fun, but although I have been tempted to purchase, I believe intellectually, however, that there is no reasonable justification for me having a firearm.

That my life is significantly more at risk by having a firearm in the house than without.

Interestingly, I have a friend,who is a recovering addict, who went shooting at a range a few months back.

She loved it.

Loved it a lot.

Really loved it a lot.

Loved it the way she used to love drugs.

The same feelings and emotions that she had from taking drugs, were replicated by firing weapons that can kill. The highs were different, but it was a high all the same. A high that she knew, as a former addict, she could easily get addicted to. That would serve the addictive centers of her brain.

Now I’m not saying that everyone who shoots, or owns guns, is addicted to them. But I do think it makes sense that addictive personalities can be attracted to gun ownership. The unwillingness to even consider debating reasonable controls on gun ownership, by a certain section of society, is more reminiscent of addictive behavior than any type of logical political argument.

This originally appeared on Quora in answer to: If you have no experience with firearms and thus fear them, are you willing to take an NRA certified course to learn about handguns, or rifles in order to familiarize yourself in a safe environment with a certified instructor? If not, why?

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