The Deep State

Do you know what “failed” nation states all have in common?

Weak institutions.

A Supreme Court that cares more about political allegiances than the law or what’s right or wrong.

A high level police force that can be manipulated, or dismissed, when those in power find it convenient to do so.

A press that cannot get access, or answers to basic questions, unless they turn into propaganda mouthpieces with no critical thought allowed.

Scientific advisors, and agencies, who are contradicted, see their advice ignored, or even suggested that they are falsifying data because it is expedient to do so.

No protection for whistleblowers, or those who contradict the regime.

The pardoning of criminals because they are friends, or fixers, and the persecution of those who would dare to cross those more powerful.

The gifting of contracts to friends and friendly causes, and the sacking of the public purse.

Second chambers of elected officials who forget that their responsibility is to those who elected them, not to the people they are supposed to be holding accountable.

Any of this sound familiar?

The “Deep State” is people who have chosen to serve their country and believe in institutions are important. They are highly competent, professionals, who believe the work they do matters. That it is important. And that loyalty to the people is more important than any one “leader.”

(An answer, originally on Quora, to the question: “Does the “deep state” that Trump and many conservatives believe opposes his presidency actually exist? Isn’t it just part of his Administration? What specific actions does Trump accuse this “deep state” of taking against him?” Original post here. )

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