They are, here.
Notable by their absence
The departed and ever-present
Tied by connection
Stronger than bondage

Leaving scars
To be picked over, made to bleed, made to hurt.
To scab over, to heal,
But always to leave a mark,

Faded by time,

The moved on, have moved on
One way streets have no rear view mirrors
The ghosts are not to terrify
But to horrify with the past pictures
And old photographs

Not actions, but symbols
The ever-present echo
Love that has decayed
Rotted on the vine

Sour in mind, body, spirit, and soul
The supplication of priests and prophets
Well intended, misguided, and futile
Some call it baggage
Others ghosts
Possibilities like quantum theory
Living on in the minds and memories of those left behind.

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