Tabula Rasa

Unrequited and unrequired
A quest for tabula rasa
Gin with no tonic or excuse

A shot taken, and missed
Possibilities gone, but not forgotten
Grasping at the straws of a burning bale

Living off breadcrumbs of social hope
Navigating the fuck boys and the tinderells
Self destructive happiness and the ideation of verge upon

The nightly alcohol oblivion
And The sleep of the dead
Better than comprehension and dawning realization

Bad poetry, alone, and bitter
Preserving the words sent in fleeting form
illusionary ownership of time and memory

Protests about reading too much into too little
Protesting too much would be too much to hope for
A friend lost today in the bid to regain a lover

Stories of Cortez and the burning of ships
as told by Russian submarine captains
The lies of love songs and movies

The view from outside the gates
tantalizing in possibilities yet impossibly out of reach
Also ran is becoming a specialty

A believer in heartache
She said it was unhealthy
On that we could agree.

(All credit to Stephen Fry for the first line.)

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