Snow in Vegas

There is snow in Vegas

Like the star that burns twice as bright, it will be gone by tomorrow.
The low mountains will lose their Krispy Creme glaze as the Mojave reasserts it’s true nature.

The gram and the book reflect a fleeting moment when we look like everywhere else.
Juxtaposition makes for great social capital.

There is snow in Vegas

It will lead the news, and locals will be happy for the water
With apologies to tourists for acts of god.

The 15, the 95, and the 215 become black, slick, and slippery when wet.
Adventure time for desert cars and fair weather drivers.

There is snow in Vegas

And as hell has frozen over for some, for others it is Tuesday.
300 days of sun has another 65 days for three other seasons.

Powder, like on on a mirror at a party
Consumed, enjoyed, but fleeting and oh so cliched.

There is snow in Vegas

And while the city behind the city struggles with an “every few years” event
The pace of America’s playground never misses a beat.

There is money to be made in that there valley.
A well oiled machine that deals with active shooters, threat of terrorism, recession, and lockdown, has no time for frozen water – except in drinks.

There is snow in Vegas

The heating is on in houses designed for a/c
Pampered pups protected from the heat, turn up their noses at a cooler and wetter outside.

It is quiet for the services of daily life with a self imposed snow day for those who know no better.
The residents who hanker for Seattle or Portland, have their Cinderella moment.

There is snow in Vegas

For what is lost is but misplaced and it will be back.
The hopes and dreams of the unrealistic will melt away but always find succor

Like spirts seeking safety and hedonism the Friday influx and the Sunday exodus is fleeting and surface deep.

There is snow in Vegas

But not for long.
And with the resonance of a street cleaning.

*Photo courtesy of Jeff DeKorte

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