I’m tired

Your apologies don’t work any more
My tolerance for the bullshit has expired
The lack of care has begat a lack of care

Weariness of the soul is mistaken for weakness
The reality is that it is more like apathy
Congratulations, the corruption is of your own making

Driven away by reaching the point of enough
Not a glass half full or a glass half empty
A glass broken beyond repair

I’m done

Decisions don’t have to be revenge
Self preservation and self determination are reason enough
Done with feeling hard done by

You will create your own story to tell yourself
But in your darkest hours, when I am not there to talk you off the ledge
The truth will rear with the tenacity of the undead

Peace keeper, buffer, and dogs-body
The irony and legacy of my absence will be real change
But it’s too late for promises and bribery

I’m fine

Handcuffs are for those who don’t belong
Owning your own keys also opens doors
Shedding one’s shackles can be reward enough

Bridges may burn
But I did not ignite them
Just chose to walk across

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