A Friend of a Fiend

Stranger by the day
A stranger by deed and thought
When did you disappear down the rabbit hole?
Begging and taunting, for me to come after you
Only to spring a trap of mind and soul
This is no longer Kansas

To argue, correct, or engage is futile and frustrating
The person I once knew seems to be gone
Lost in a distortion field bubble
Does one give up so easily?
Friends are few and far
To lose them to conspiracy and fakery is heartbreaking and reeks of cowardice

The contagion of influence
How dare you fall for a lack of critical thinking
Debate me, argue with me, but stop with the broadcasting
Engagement is a team sport
With glue and dedication
The monster you are becoming would be reviled by who you once were

A friend of a fiend
A job to mourn and document
An obituary for a friendship
Part of the larger cultural miasma
No less important or devastating
The decay of an orbit and the collapse of a system
The final joke to take it all seriously

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