Time Passes

Old photographs.
Young people now gone.
A different age.
A diffident page.
Walls that received scrawls.
Papered over notes to future generations.
Rooms of changed purpose.
The rescaling of memory.
Conversion misalignment.
Context leading to comparison.
Time Passes.
An indoor playground.
An indoor care home.
Shared memories.
Forgotten times.
Small house.
Small rooms.
Washing up by hand.
Ill fitting appliances.
Painted wood.
Wallpaper and patterned carpet.
Condescension and lack of comprehension.
Old roles winding back the years.
Reintroducing subservience.
Bordering on servitude.
Time Passes.
Board games.
Card Games.
Game Shows.
Soap Operas.
Take aways.
Subsistence shopping.
Abandoned hobbies.
One of the many things no longer possible.
What to eat.
Joint pain.
Weight loss.
Waiting for loss.
Ready to go now.
Undisclosed medical conditions.
The awful nothingness.
Time Passes.


  1. Hana10 says:

    I liked the play on words with “Weight loss. Waiting for loss.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, and thank you for commenting.


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