The Enemy of Synchronicity

Judgment wrought
The enemy of synchronicity
Betrayal begat betrayal

Righteousness for those to clad stones
Words that chattel
Disbelief in belief in oneself

The rights and the wrongs are but opinions
And detente is nothing but hard to come by
Not forgiveness, agreements to disagree

But doubt
Doubt that this will work
A reckoning unsure one wants

Betrayal is in the eye of the beholder
However, stings do not lessen
just because of whom endures them

A modicum of trust is a fragile foundation
Being the better person is a point scoring solution
Understanding is not for everyone

The responsibility for the beliefs of others
A weighty burden,
Only equaled by the zealotry of always being right

But what it would be to be wrong
Is this the price for self belief?
The numbing effect of time – the hope

And hope is all that any of us have
The recovery, timid, and fragile
Damage done, an undoing yet to be seen.

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