Stories of Shoes and Other Feet

My shoes go where they want
Your shoes need to follow
Not the rules, but what I say
My shoes are free to do what they want
My shoes are exceptional

Your shoes are the wrong color
I don’t care much for your shoes
Someone’s shoes that look like mine?
That’s different – it reminds me of my shoes
And my shoes are exceptional, didn’t I already say that?

Shoes on other feet
Don’t be ridiculous
Don’t be contrarian
Shoes are meant for walking
Not for being walked over
Well my shoes anyway,
and shoes that look like them

Stepping on my shoes makes you evil
Stepping on any shoes makes you evil
It also makes you singular
I always have a good reason for stepping on other shoes
But don’t get close my my shoes
My shoes need room to move and breathe

Some might ask why step on any shoes?
All shoes should be equal!
All shoes can be equal
And nobody should step on anyone else’s shoes
I will support and protest against stepped on shoes
But some shoes are more equal than others
Like my shoes

Don’t ask me to walk a mile
Like I said, my shoes are exceptional
I have many colors of shoes
But I like some more than others
Shoes also fall out of favor
Shoes are rarely just shoes
Particularly my shoes.

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