Agents of White Supremacy

The Agents of white supremacy
Not always the idiots with bed sheets over their heads
and holes for eyes
Not always the ones with swastikas on their arms
And tiki torches in their hands

Everyday normal people
With jobs, children, and even friends of color
Some like Disney, self-love, and confidence
Some like everything gold
And the adoration of those they can’t stand

The Agents of white supremacy in the house next door
The ones who make jokes in hushed tones
With furtive glances over shoulders
The Karen in the parking lot, having a bad day
The secretive text messages starting with “I’m not a racist”
And ending with the ever so subtle “white power”

The all lives matter counter slogan
Invalidating all meaning with spurious comparisons
And the support for state sponsored execution with “if they’d only comply”
Apportioning blame, and guilt, without any attempt at equivalency
The belief in lies peddled as entertainment

It is all the failure
The failure to acknowledge the problem
The inadequacy of words in a poem
Like the words of police chiefs and politicians
The words of old white guys
Too little, too late, and not often enough

Inspired by, and based on, a TikTok by @tizzyent

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