A Man of the People

A mask for fish and ponds
Nature of belonging and brand
Always the wronged and a glass half full
Leveraging the good will of strangers
The trail of the fallen, left behind

Selfies with a crowd of unknowns
Everyone’s best friend
A man of the people
Standing in the ruins of my failures
A reminder of what is not to be

Onwards like iron sulfide
Words are cheap and easy
Food for thought but not of sustenance
Bonds to be unbound
A con hidden by feature and fluff

Disappointment by courtesy
There is no we without me
No myth without belief
Manipulation is a retrospective
Viewed with the dispassion of outsider status

There are no coincidences
You owe me nothing other than disillusion
In spades I repay and endure
Angels are but demons though eyes of a beholder
Always a better option, except in the dark

I am but petty and vindictive
Loyalty and foresight are golden idolatry
Don’t ask for blessings that stink of comprise and cowardice
Measure what matters even when eyes are closed

The darkness is of my indulgence
A lack of probity
Masquerading as integrity
A moral compass bereft through a lens of familiarity
The devil smiles; wild, reckless, and self-indulgent.

I am for you to abandon
And likewise, I pick my poisons
We can agree to disagree except by logic
What one feels is still loss
However, we have each broached what can’t be undone

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