The Offering

I carry my burden
My belief for those who came before
Those who give freedom through bondage
I come to sacrifice

We crawl on our bellies
Willingly to give blood to stones
Call me zealot, call me monster
My faith has a foundation of innocents

Who are you to criticize?
My god is a vengeful god
And my beliefs only need be acceptable to me
Rage, rage against the dying if you must

The cruelty of an altar of souls
I am absolved from damnation
A damnation I may deserve
But my thoughts and prayers are all

While I watch those around me eat themselves
Gordian knots of hand wringing and impotence
I remain a humble servant
With velvet rope predilections

And so my atonement is of others to give
The blood of those most dear
The pain of my belief and righteousness
A burden that grows heavier with every loss

But I, of the exceptional and chosen
My choice is my eucharist
My god is my absolution
You are my penance – the price I am prepared to pay.

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