Summer Rain


The whisper on the lips of desert dwellers
A sky blue black bruised like a threat in a bar
The side street flooding showing how few blocked drains we are from disaster

Flood channels become rivers
Rather than arteries of action movie tropes
The detritus of fragile growth
Slick the roads with vegetation mash

Thankful for the water
Like the believers of old
A temporary reprieve from the inevitable
Like the relief from the heat

What the rest of the world takes for granted
Is viewed through eyes of disaster tourism
The city the butt of jokes
And apocalyptic memes

Roofs built for sun, leak
A sunshine playground floods
Water in the sports book and on the casino floor
Instagram worthy amusement at the misfortune of the profitable

Tomorrow, the sky and sun will return
But for tonight the smell of clean
Cold experience and damp
Transportation to another world

For a day.


  1. Beautiful picture and words


    1. Thank you – that is very kind. I appreciate you commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re very welcome


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