Farm Americana

A demographic vision of plans within plans
We of Farm Americana
Those who reject history and all that
Although we have learned subtlety

The planting of a crop
The harvesting of generations
A game of numbers and influence
A return to hegemony

Master, chattel, indenture, serf
Slavery is such an ugly word
Truth to behold
History is deeds not words

A consequence of meritocracy
The realization of lacking of a class
Opportunity and hope for all
But not for a base disadvantaged by those with pretensions to lead

And so to farm
To change the playing field of birth and death
Our stemming of the tide
A devising myth of our own creation

Nothing so crass as Atwood’s visions
At least not yet
But isn’t that the point?
Distraction and alternative truths for those who fail to scratch

This is a rooster call
There is no farm without complicity
The middle ground is no ground at all
It moves beneath feet that were never that steady

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