Polite Dismissive Neutral

Not wanting the black hat
From a pit of the worst instincts
A stripping away of civility
Rage from the dark
Intoxication from bile and venom

Not wanting to be the bad guy
The gentle soul one pretends to
Left beaten and bleeding by the roadside
Violence of personality
Leading to the doubt of one’s ethical narrative

Not wanting the feature of rudeness
Chafing at rules and policies
Ego inflation and what one feels one deserves
Polite, dismissive, neutral
Jousting with the insincerity of over politeness

Not wanting to need reciprocity
The drive for vengeance on those less than deserving
Not exactly the innocent or blameless
But undeserving of spite and smite
And the out of control vitriol

Not wanting to hold onto the grudge
To rebuild over spans burned to ash
To let go, to forgive, to forget
A prayer to one’s better instincts
Treat as to be treated

Not wanting to be angry any more.

Image by Artie_Navarre from Pixabay

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