I am the supervillain
I want change, to alter the world
The one with vision and goals
The one who knows more, and perhaps cares less

My enemies are the defenders of the status quo
Sanctimonious and self righteous
Using power for self-congratulation
The ones who seem to care more, but know less

Context is conjecture
It does not matter even though we pretend it is all
Is it just my world that I want to change?
Taking you all along for the ride?

Not prepared to share the acceptable worldview
What choice is there but to see me as villainous?
There may be disagreement about my methods
But at least I am willing to try

Yet I will be painted as lacking morality
I must be unforgivable by self-appointed righteousness
Heaven help us if peoples are allowed self-determination
The choice for peoples, and not just people, to grow

I see the chosen ones
Leaving the rest of us to their mediocrity
Forever trapped by absolute knowledge of what is right
Doomed to a future as past

So I shoot my shot
I become the supervillain
The man with a plan
More right than anyone is comfortable with.

Inspired by Marvel’s Defenders of the Status Quo by Pop Culture Detective and “I Wear the Black Hat” by Chuck Klosterman

Image by Amy from Pixabay

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