Thoughts in a Busy iHop

Tourists up late on a rainy day
Cheap brunching
Yawns and social media at 11am

The family that texts together
Doesn’t talk
But is judged by poets sitting alone

Poor new guy in training
Scared out of his mind
And trying his best

Flummoxed by Eggs Florentine
And a Colorado Omelet
But sincere in apologies for the wait

Young and poor
Willing to try
Disenchantments birthing ground

Parents of privilege
Setting poor examples
But proving class division

Complaints and a lack of self-restraint
Frontline management and coaching
“Get better, faster, don’t make mistakes”

Hangry is as valid an excuse
As the cough poorly covered
And the opportunity to kick

The unhappy waitress
Whether it’s me, her tables, or the kitchen
There is little joy

The jarring of this most glaring
the lack of the American mantra
“have a nice day”

Being the asshole
For reinforcing her world view
But opiniated none the less

Apologies for the wait
But not the not Tabasco
Or for life’s journey

Surprising diversity in a tourist hotspot
But not of the parties
We are microwave dinner packaging

Flipped like burgers
Meritocracy in our lack of care
Separated by plenty of accessibility

But I’d like more coffee please.

Image by Hansuan Fabregas

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