Hotel Bar Exurbia

Soulless, clinical brightness
The character of a nightclub past time
Accents a parody of diversity
These are nobodies people
And nobody wants to be there if they had a choice

Strangers telling family bios
The conversation of passing time
Making a change from sports without passion
Too many white faces
Too many alone men who aren’t single

Sharing nonsense phone clips
With the volume loud
Much like the half-baked politics
And re-parroted ideas of the world
Forced courtesy beyond please, thank you, and how are you?
Matching the lackluster fuel being treated as food

A lone woman enters the frame of male gaze
Uncomfortable looks under masturbation fantasies
The rejection of this as a self-portrait
The walking away
Beating a retreat from counterfeit human connection
This facsimile of anywhere one would want to be

A preference for isolation.

Image by Lothar Dieterich

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