Working Dog: Poetry & Prose

Dogs, work, and place.

Poems and prose that touch on life, death, COVID 19, travel, home, the workplace, working, and, of course, dogs. Raw, sometimes angry, and often touching, “Working Dog” is about our place in the world, where we choose to spend most of our time, and those who we share our lives with.

My new poetry and prose collection is available in Kindle and paperback editions on Amazon.


  1. mybookworld24 says:

    Ok, the cover caught my eye so, I will be giving it a read and sharing my thoughts on my blog if that’s ok with you?

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    1. Yes please do. Always welcome the feedback.

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      1. mybookworld24 says:

        I’m author myself so I get the struggles

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      2. I’d appreciate a quick review on Amazon when you get a chance.

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